February 25, 2011

The End

I started this blog to share some of my photos. I had no idea last February, where it would go from there, but I started to post them every day. Natural Lighting became a daily photo blog. It was fun and interesting, but it was definitely a challenge to keep it up.

I decided a few months back that I would make this project stretch out a full year and that time has finally come. 365 photos later, I have completed it. I will continue to take photos and I may even share some of them here, but I no longer feel the pressure to keep it going every single day.

I truly hope you enjoyed what I had to offer this past year. But more so, I thank you all for visiting Natural Lighting and for those of you that encouraged me with your comments- there were some days there that I felt like I was sharing with no one but myself and husband. Then a kind comment would come through and remind me why I was doing it. I also want to thank Carol The Gardener who recently passed on some lovely awards to me and this blog. I was stunned and honored to receive them.

So my friends, thank you for your support and encouragement over the last 12 months. I appreciate it more than you know. And if you'd like to see photos and learn more about me, then you can always visit my food blog- Lick The Bowl Good.



Carol said...

Oh...I'll miss your photography. I followed you everyday. I know I didn't always comment but the beauty you found in everyday objects was very captivating to me.

Please post often....I love your blog.

Carol-the gardener

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

It's been fun to look at your photos daily,even when I didn't leave a comment.I wish you joy as you continue to share on the other blog.

Andrea said...

Good for you! Take some time for yourself, as you did a wonderful job here and we all SO enjoyed it!

Post when you can, but shelve the stress for a bit :)

Anonymous said...

I'll miss your blog. You have a true gift in photography. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Cindi - the budding photographer!

Sinfully said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos. Like other commenters have stated, I didn't always comment on your daily photos, but I certainly looked forward to them. I'll continue to follow your Lick the Bowl Good blog.
Carol-The Nurse

Nonna Beach said...

I know the feeling...1 year of posting daily can be a real grind. Pressure's off and you reached your goal so be proud !

I have enjoyed your blog for a short time now but so worth coming over for visits...thank you !!!


Layne Adams said...

Thank you for sharing your post. I appreciate it. Great job.

Uplighting Boston