February 23, 2011



J Nixon said...

Happy Birthday!

I just have to tell you I love your photos. I've been lurking on your blog lately; I just discovered it and the art of food blogging and am literally going from end to beginning. :) I have just started my own "food" blog, although it's hard to get into, clearly right now I'm writing for myself and my mother and have no idea how to get followers, but it's fun. I used to write years ago and missed it terribly and here I am. I love your photos and have another site where I publish mine, but you've inspired me to start a daily as well. Sorry to be long winded, just wanted to show my appreciation for your writing, recipes, and photos. Everything is gorgeous and you've got a new fan!


Monica H said...

Thank you Jennifer!

I wish youwell with your new daily blog and I'm glad you're getting back into it.